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What is the Specific Production Process of Rubber Bands?

The production of rubber bands is to turn natural rubber into products with required shape, size and performance through a series of product processing processes. Its production process includes: (1) rubber mixing (2) calendering (3) vulcanization (4) shaping (extruding the basic process of rubber band processing). Below, CANDID will introduce three important links of rubber band production machine production: rubber mixing, vulcanization and rubber band shaping.

Ⅰ. Rubber band mixing of rubber band production machine

It is divided into plastic refining and mixing. Mastication is defined as reducing molecular weight, increasing plasticity, improving processing performance, and making plasticized rubber that meets the requirements of plasticity. Mixing is defined as mixing and dispersing rubber and compounding agents uniformly to make a rubber compound. In the plasticizing process, various compounding agents are added according to the process requirements. The equipment used is an open mixer, an internal mixer and a rubber band extruder.

Ⅱ. Rubber band vulcanization of rubber band production machine

Rubber bands need a small amount of vulcanization. The final process of natural rubber is to use individual vulcanizers, vulcanizers, plate vulcanizers and microwave equipment to make the unvulcanized semi-finished products vulcanized under certain conditions, and finally undergo appropriate modification treatments,manufactured into products.

Ⅲ. Rubber band shaping of the rubber band production machine

Finally, to shape the rubber band, the rubber needs to be kneaded into a quantitative rubber strip by adding a specific formula with the cooperation of a rubber band manufacturing machine. The rubber band mold is used to put the calculated amount of rubber weight into it, and finally the hydraulic molding machine is shaped, and finally it is produced after a series of processing rubber bands.

In addition to using the main raw material rubber to manufacture rubber bands, it must also be combined with other compounding agents, accelerators commonly used accelerators such as DM and TMTD, and basically no fillers. Its role is as follows:

1. Natural rubber: parent material;

2. Vulcanization system: make the rubber from linear macromolecules into reticular macromolecules;

3. Reinforcing filling system: improve mechanical properties, make non-self-reinforcing rubbers be used, improve process performance and reduce costs, and some have functionality, such as flame retardant, conductive, magnetic;

4. Anti-aging system: delays the service life of rubber bands, mainly due to aging caused by photooxygen, anti-thermal oxygen, harmful metals, ozone, and pain.

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