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The Introduction of Eraser Cutting Machine Products

1. Induction device of eraser cutting machine

The new eraser cutting machine includes the lower table, the upper table and the safety induction devices installed on both sides. The lower machine table is provided with a lower worktable, and the upper surface of the lower worktable is provided with a square mold. The upper machine table includes a connecting column for connecting the lower machine table and the upper machine table, a pressing table sleeved on the connecting column, and an upper working table fixed on the pressing table, and the pressing table is driven by an air cylinder.

2. Eraser cutting machine mounting bracket and infrared sensor assembly

The pressing table can move up and down along the connecting column under the driving of the air cylinder. An upper square mould is arranged on the lower surface of the upper worktable, and the upper square mould and the lower square mould together form a square mould fully engaged with the shape of the eraser. The safety induction device of the eraser cutting machine includes two groups of safety induction mechanisms, and the safety induction mechanism includes a mounting frame and an infrared sensor assembly. The eraser cutting machine with protective mechanism can replace manual eraser production, which is safe and practical.

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