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The History Of Automatic Stationery Production

The History Of Automatic Stationery Production

1. The necessity of automatic production

For a long time, a company in the industry felt a sense of crisis from the stationery box stamping workshop. The traditional production process of the tinplate stationery box requires workers to go through a series of processes, such as pulling, removing the waste edge, shaping, curling, punching, etc. to complete a stationery box, it requires 8 punches and 8 workers, Not only is the noise in the workshop more severe, but also the operator's risk coefficient is high leading to cause occupational accidents easily. It takes two years to train a skilled worker, but many of these new workers recruited every year would work for less than a month and decide to quit. The age range of workshop workers is from 40 to 50 years old, which may generate a lack of experts, and affect the production capacity greatly.

In addition, we have also found a common phenomenon. The quota that was easily completed five years ago is almost impossible for workers to complete now. In front of us is the urgent problem of how to reduce labor force and improve production efficiency.

2. Automated equipment development

Ten years ago, the company envisioned how to carry out automation reform that is to replace traditional processes with automation and to decrease reduction production capacity due to workers' reasons to improve marketing competition.

The chairman and general manager of the company visited many mechanical equipment exhibitions and visited many equipment factories for on-the-spot investigation and communication. It took several years to overcome all kinds of difficulties through joint efforts with the equipment factory. In 2010, the first fully automatic iron box stamping line was finally trial produced. The drawing, shaping, crimping and punching of iron box were formed at one time. However, in massive practical production, there were still various problems, such as scratch of printing surface, inadequate crimping, etc. Through more than half a year of continuous debugging and production, the practical problems were finally solved. At present, HTC has 4 iron box stamping lines.

3. Some experience of automatic production

Through the introduction of four full-automatic iron box stamping lines, the number of workers in the stamping workshop has been reduced from more than 50 in the past to less than 20 at present, reducing the labor intensity of workers, reducing the risk of industrial injury, and the daily average production. And it has increased compared with the traditional process. We are no longer worried about the lack of stamping operators.

The company has successively purchased 6 sets of automatic screen printing machines with plastic ruler, which has solved the problem of not recruiting printing workers and greatly improved the product quality.

But it is not smooth sailing in the process of automatic production. It mainly focuses on the following points:
1. The cost of development is high and will take a long time.
2. The run-in period of automatic equipment will take a period of time, and it is difficult to achieve the expected goal at the beginning.
3. Due to the long time spent on replacing and debugging the mold, it is only suitable for the production of large batch of varieties, not suitable for small batch of varieties.
4. The requirements for raw materials are relatively high, and the poor quality of materials will directly affect the continuity and efficiency of automatic production.
5. Costs of later maintenance are relatively high, and the requirements for operators and technicians are also relatively high.

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