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Structural Characteristics of Hexagonal Crayon Making Machine

Structural Characteristics of Hexagonal Crayon Making Machine

Structural features of hexagonal crayon making machine:

1. Hexagonal crayon making machine generally adopts universal chassis, which is easy to install.
2. Use helical gear or hard tooth surface reducer to make the transmission with the main engine smooth, having low voice and long service life.
3. The inner wall of mixing paddle and mixing cylinder is made of SUS304 stainless steel or SUS316L stainless steel to ensure the purity of products.
4. Axle seal has advanced structure and good sealing effect. Unique design of the balance structure of the vacuum box ensures that no black material is grinded out.
5. Integrated electrical control (main engine operation, hydraulic cylinder turning, hydraulic capping and constant temperature control) , temperature control and temperature display facilitate the control of the  operate and process.

The lubricating parts of hexagonal crayon making machine should be injected with lubricating oil regularly. The oil should not be less than twice per shift. The press-in oil lubrication should be added in butter every 20 days. The oil tank should be replaced every three months. The wall plate seal should be adjusted or replaced properly according to the wear and tear situation. The staff should also check the steam pipeline and the joint frequently, which is not allowed to have any leakage,and should be examined and repaired after six months of operation.

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