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Single Color Rubber Eraser Making Machine

1. Out put:120kg/h
2. Max diameter of eraser: 50mm
3. Space required: 10m(L)*2.5m(w)
4. Total power: 30KW
5. Real consumption of electricity: 7-8kw/h
6. Suitable material: PVC and TPR granule
7. Capacity: 120kg/h
8. Current source: 380V,3P,50HZ
9. Color: one

Advantages of Single Color Rubber Eraser Making Machine

1. Candid eraser making machine Heating ring use cast aluminum
2. We especially installed the Heating ring heat protection cover
3. Candid eraser making machine is used TWIDEC (Tai wan) temperature control device
4. We use international band inverter like SANKEN/HITACHI
5. Cover shell: stainless steel
6. Barrel heating zones: 4
7. Cooling way: Water cooling+ Air cooling

Application of Single Color Rubber Eraser Making Machine

This machine is used for making TPR and PVC erasers which are commonly used in school and office, there are many kinds of erasers like single color, multicolor, heat transfer printing and carton erasers, we are capable to customize the machine producing all these different type erasers as per customer request, our machine capacity could reach 120kg/h which is very efficient.
Regarding the process, first prepare dry raw material (TPR/ PVC granular), pour the raw material into the hopper, the screw inside will do compression and grind job, simultaneously the barrel is heating the granule and make them into melting state. Then screw will press and extruding the melting granule out, pass through the water cooling channel and after cutting become the final erasers. Besides this, there are some auxiliary steps like printing logo and packing, however, for the whole process, it is very easy to handle as our machine is very automatic. Meanwhile, it does not need a big place and no matter man or women could both handle this job as it does not need heavy labor for all the work. To sum up, this is an ideal investment and we are most professional in this field and will fully support our customer.

Specification of Single Color Rubber Eraser Making Machine



Screw quantity


Barrel heating zones


Heating power


Motor power


Barrel cooling way

Water +air cooling

Temperature control


Current source

380V 3P 50Hz

Size of water cooling channel


Hauling-off speed

Max 700m/h

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