Safety Pin Making Machine

Safety Pin Making Machine

  • Main Parameters

    Main Parameters

    1. Capacity: 65-85pcs/min
    2. Wire diameter: Φ0.5-1.8mm
    3. Space required: 8m(L)*2m(w)
    4. Total power: 5.95KW
    5. Suitable material: Galvanized wire 
    6. Current source: 380V,3P,50HZ
    7. Dimension: 5000x1200x1700 mm
    8. Weight: 2500Kg
  • Details or Advantage

    Details or Advantage

    1. CANDID safety pin making machine has a reversible safety cover which can protect the operator when the machine is running. Meanwhile, it is convenient for an operator to operate and maintain the equipment. 
    2. Our molds adopt tungsten carbide and high-quality Alloyed Steel, to make sure that they have longer operation life, with high output and more efficient.
    3. CANDID safety pin making machine has a fully automatic vibrating plate, the safety pin caps can automatically fall from the vibrating plate one by one. So it reduces the workload of the operator and increases the capacity.
  • Description


    Safety pin is a small and useful tool which were invented 4000 years ago. It is used for connecting small things with clothes, like brand mark, handkerchief, and decoration. Safety pin has different material, such as steel wire, PVC, Galvanized wire and so on. And according to the usage, the size of safety pins are different as well.
    CANDID safety pin making machine is suitable for making various types of safety pin with Nickel steel wire or galvanized steel wire as raw material. The whole production line has four machines: Wire straightening and cutting machine, Wire sharpening machine, Cap making machine and Safety pin assembly machine. The cap making machine can produce 2 pcs of cap at the same time, greatly increased the capacity. We can design safety pin making machine according to different customer's requests. The safety pin assembly machine adopts belt + bearing transmission, we increase the diameter of bearing to make it more efficient and save energy. Besides, the machine is equipped with a reversible safety cover and has stable performance, low noise, and high efficiency. 
    CANDID safety pin making machine has already exported to many countries, such as Vietnam, India, Russia, Nepal, Algeria and so on. CANDID is not just selling a machine, we also provide good service. If our customers have any problem, we will try our best to solve it. Each customer is very satisfied with our machine quality and CANDID service.



Straightening and cutting machine

Sharpening machine

Cap making machine










 600pcs. /min

3,500pcs. /min

480pcs. /min


2.2kw/380V, 3-Phase/50Hz

1.5kw/380V, 3-Phase/50Hz

1.5kw/380V, 3-Phase/50Hz






1700mm x 1200mm x 1200mm

900mm x 1100mm x 1300mm

1200mm x900mm x 1700mm

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