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Rubber Band Making Machine

  1. Capacity: 50-60kg/h
  2. Total power: 30Kw
  3. Length of whole line: 8m
  4. Diameter of screw: 65mm

Parts of Rubber Band Machine

1) The elastic band machine is equipped with the harden teeth surface gear reducer box. reducer material: 20CrMoTi; rodents form: Helical surface; heater treatment: Carburizing gear grinding; type of connection: belt drive

2) The material of screw and barrel: 38CrMoAlA, which is hardened by nitriding treatment. 0.6~0.7mm, screw Hardness: 840HV, screw rotate speed: 20-90r/min, barrel Hardness: 940HV, Material of the screw die head: Alloy steel;

3) Heating ring for barrel: casting aluminum, 5 zones heating, heating power: 3.6kw per zone. Air fan cooling: Cooling power: 0.25kw*3.

4) Electrical elements: DELIXI Brand (THE BEST ELECTRICA ELEMENTS PRODUCER IN CHINA) and digital temperature-controlling meter.

5) Main motor: 15kw (China famous brand) and 15kw Frequency converter, driven by controlled by HOLIP AC inverter (Danfoss Group).the motor is with overloading protecting.
6) Die head: 38CrMoAlA material. Treatment nitrogen and bluing, Heater material for dies: stainless steel.

As a reliable rubber making machine manufacturer, CANDID have a professional team could design most suitable Rubber Band production line according to customer requirement, including extruding line, mold, and rubber band raw material. Regarding Rubber Band production, customer could get one-stop service from CANDID.

CANDID have a professional after-sale team could guide the customer in their workshop to install the Rubber Band making machine and training their worker until they could operate the machine well, and our team is full experience in this field could solve any problem that may occur in the installation.

Specification of Rubber Band Making Machine

This elastic band machine is used for making rubber band, which is often used as toy, decoration and gift packing etc. We have rubber manufacturing machines could produce the different color, different size as per customer request. The demand for Rubber Band is found at home, offices, shops-almost everywhere.

You can make Rubber Bands with the Rubber Band Making Machine and after packing it you may sell it in the market or other wholesellers. You can collect used rubber after crushing them and put into the elastic manufacturing machine to make Rubber Bands.

For the operation of making Rubber Bands is not complicate and it does not need a big place. Besides, no matter man or women could both handle this job as it does not need too much labor.

Production Capacity


rubber band

Main motor


Diameter of screw

65mm, L/D: 25:1

Die head

38CrMoAlA material


8m*2m(length *width)

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