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Rubber Band Machine

Most of the rubber bands we commonly see are made of natural rubber, so we need to use a rubber band machine to extrude the product during production. During production, we need to extrude natural rubber into the shape of a rubber tube through an extruder according to the size and wall thickness of the product. After the natural rubber is processed by ban burying and opening, it is extruded by a rubber band machine into a rubber tube that we need. After the product is extruded and produced, it will be vulcanized by a hot air vulcanizing box.

1. Selection of rubber band machine model

When natural rubber is processed by rubber band machine, it is generally necessary to select the configuration of the equipment according to the characteristics of the rubber. Because the hardness of natural rubber is relatively high, we must choose a suitable type of rubber band machine for extrusion production. The rubber will be extruded into a hose at the die head of the rubber band machine after a series of treatments such as shearing and mixing by the extruder barrel.

2. The process of producing rubber bands by rubber band machine

After the product is extruded, it will pass the vulcanization box and cooling water, and then it will be transported by the tractor to the automatic cutting machine for cutting. We use the high-speed rubber band cutting machine to cut the rubber tube into the width we need. In this case, the production of a rubber plate of natural rubber is completed. In the production process, the equipment that composes the production line includes a rubber band machine, hot air vulcanization box, cooling traction water tank, and high-speed cutting machine. However, there are many types of rubber bands, and we need to choose the production process and production equipment according to the actual production situation.

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