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Rubber Band Cutting Machine Features

Rubber band cutting machine is suitable for sized cutting of rubber bands, silicone rubber bands, sealing strips, shock absorption strips, heat-shrinkable tubes, cable ties, silicone tubes, electrolytic capacitor PVC sheathings, PVC plastic bands, flat cables, plastic hoses, insulating paper, copper foils, copper sheets, double faced adhesive tapes, cotton tapes, zippers, leathers, paper, conductive fabrics/foams, acetate clothes, PET, non-woven fabrics, insulating paper, hook and loop fasteners, EVA, rubber mats, woven tapes, fastening tapes, sticking tapes, safety belts, color tapes, plastic sponges, copper/aluminum foils, all kinds of adhesive tapes, flexible circuit boards, etc. It can also be used to cut all kinds of sheathings, fiberglass tubes, wires, shielded wires, tie wires, PE film bags, ribbon or hose tubes, etc.

Features of rubber band cutting machine

* High speed material transmission; the computer pipe cutter is controlled by a microcomputer program

* Adjustable cutting speed; Chinese LCD display

* The band length and the cutting speed are continuously and discretionarily adjustable

* Automatic group accumulations and total accumulations

* Batch pause and settable delay time

* Stop automatically for lack of materials, so no one needs to be on duty

*Automatically cut all kinds of tube and ribbon materials;

* High-speed stepping motor accurately controls the length of pipe cutting;The belt length and cutting speed can be adjusted;

* Time protection for cut-off kinves; total amount setting; respective setting for different cut-off knives;the pause time of every knife can be adjusted;

* Equipped with various of manual operations, which are convenient for debugging;

* The LCD screen of the computer pipe cutting machine visually displays Chinese, so the operation is simple and convenient;

Adopting special mechanical structure and being equipped with special software control, CANDID rubber band cutting machine solves the uneven incision problem in cutting rubber and silicon tubes, which frequently occurs in many other factories.

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