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Selection of Eraser Production Line

Selection of Eraser Production Line

With the rapid growth of economic level in recent years, especially in the current that domestic stationery market competition is fierce, stationery types are various and so on, and stationery production becomes more and more automated, ordinary stationery production line has been difficult to meet its daily production and manufacturing needs. As a daily learning product, the large demand for erasers makes the automated eraser production line come true and perfect and makes the stationery market have good prospects.

For the selection of eraser production line, we can not blindly listen to the sales of some manufacturers, we must analyze the specific situation, according to the specific situation, material characteristics, product aesthetics, market demand, make a multi-plan comparison. Designed to meet the characteristics of the rubber production line. Only in this way can we achieve the best results. Reasonable allocation is the most appropriate.

Of course, there are many kinds of erasers on the market, mostly for a special purpose. For example, brown, pink and black drawing erasers for 2B and 4B are basically rubber erasers. They are soft and opaque to strong light sources. Another kind of eraser commonly used in sketching is plastic eraser(soft eraser), which, as its name implies, can freely shape, and is the softest one in the rubber family, but not suitable for daily writing. And the plastic eraser that students are most concerned about can be distinguished very well. This rubber has a strong plastic texture because it contains polypropylene. When placed in a strong light source, it will present a translucent state. When erased, the chips generally do not form strips but become small segments or close to granular.

These specific types of requirements are determined by the automated eraser production line. Kaicheng Company is a manufacturer of eraser machinery with a long history. It will constantly update its products according to market demand. Customize the production line plan according to customers'needs, and design the most cost-effective eraser production line for you and engineers, providing customers with a complete set of project design, equipment production, installation and maintenance services. Maximize the benefits of each user.
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