Principles and Features of the Measuring Tape

Principles and Features of the Measuring Tape

1. Principles
The measuring tape can be rolled up because it is equipped with a spring inside it. When using it to measure the length of something, the length being pulled out is the lengh of the ruler puls the length of the spring that are stretched out. Once the measurement is completed, the spring inside the tape measure will automatically contract, and the ruler will also retract with the spring, thus, the tape will be rolled up.

2. Features
a. The measuring tape will not lose efficacy with excessive deformation. But why? There is a long clockwork inside the measuring tape, and there is a wide range of the fully tightened clockwork. The entire stroke of the measuring tape is included at the stage, margins at both ends are remined, so the measuring tape will not lose its function.

b. The tensile force is the same whether pulling out the length of one meter or two meters. The clockwork of the measuring tape is quite thin, and there is little deformation when it is compressed, thus, the counterforce is relatively small, and when the rule is pulled, the force change can not be felt at all.

The measuring tape is a commonly used tool in daily life. The steel measuring tape often seen by all  is generally used in construction and decoration, and it is also one of the essential family tools. The wide use of the measuring tape has also driven the development of related industries. The emergence of the measuring tape manufacturing machine has enabled this industry to develop rapidly.

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