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Preparation work before using the rubber band production line

Preparation work before using the rubber band production line

The use of rubber band production line has the common characteristics of general machines, which mainly shows in the drive motor and deceleration gear.

Preparation work before using the rubber band production line:

(1) Rubber used for extrusion molding. The raw materials should meet the required drying requirements, and further drying treatment is required if necessary. The raw materials are sieved to remove agglomerates and mechanical impurities.

(2) Check whether the water, electricity, and gas systems in the equipment are normal, to ensure that the water and gas paths are unblocked and leak-free, whether the electrical system is normal, whether the heating system, temperature control, and various instruments are working reliably; the auxiliary engine is empty and the vehicle is run at a low speed to observe whether the equipment is operating normally; start the vacuum pump of the sizing table to observe whether it works normally; add oil to lubricate the lubricated parts of various equipment. If any fault is found, remove it immediately.

(3) Install machine head and sizing sleeve. According to the variety and size of the product, select the specifications of the machine head. Install the machine head in the following order.

①The machine head should be assembled together and installed on the extruder as a whole.

②Before assembling the machine head, wipe off the grease applied during storage, carefully check the cavity surface for bruises, scratches, and rust spots, necessary polishing is needed, and then apply a layer of silicone oil on the surface of the runner.

③Assemble the plates of the machine head in order, apply high temperature grease to the threads of the bolts, and then screw on the bolts and flanges.

④ Put the perforated plate between the flanges of the machine head to ensure that the perforated plate is pressed tightly without overflow.

⑤The horizontal position of the die should be adjusted before the fastening bolts of the connecting flange between the die head and the extruder are not tightened. The square die head can be adjusted with a spirit level, and the round head is leveled with the bottom surface of the die on the basis of the bottom surface of the finalized model rubber.

⑥Tighten the connecting flange bolts, tighten the machine head fastening bolts, install the heating ring and thermocouple, pay attention to the heating ring to be close to the outer surface of the machine head.

⑦Install the sizing sleeve and adjust it in place, check whether the center line of the main engine, the sizing sleeve and the tractor are aligned. After adjustment, tighten the fixing bolts. Connect the water pipes and vacuum tubes of the sizing sleeve.

⑧Turn on the heating power to heat up the machine head and barrel uniformly. At the same time, open the cooling water at the bottom of the hopper and the gear box and the inlet valve of the exhaust vacuum pump. When heating, the temperature of each section is first adjusted to 140℃, and when the temperature rises to 140℃, the temperature is kept for 30-40min, and then the temperature is raised to the temperature during normal production.

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