How the Eraser Was Invented

How the Eraser Was Invented

Erasers, also called rubbers, are a kind of stationery which can remove pencil marks. The majority of them are white, brown or pink, however, they can now be of any colors as new ingredients are adopted. Rubber, the main ingredient, added with plastic arise the price of eraser.

At the 1770, Joseph Priestley, a British scientist, said, "I have discovered a substance that is very suitable for removing pencil marks. At that time, used throughout Europe to remove the pencil marks, rubber granule, which was cut into a small cube, was named "rubber". Also at 1770, another British engineer, Edward Naime, credited with the inventor of erasers, said that he once accidentally picked up a piece of rubber in replace of bread crumbs, which was used widely to remove pencil marks at that time. After that successful workout, he started making and selling rubber.

The original rubber without being processed was perishable. It wasn't until 1839, inventor Charles Goodyear discovered that vulcanization could improve the rubber that erasers became convenient in use for people. In 1858, a man from Philadelphia, United States, got a patent for embedding an eraser at the end of a pencil, which was abolished for " the two attached, but nothing new ", that is, the pencil and the eraser attached with each other made nothing new as a whole. What made the mass production possible was petroleum-made erasers developed later by scientists.

Moreover, creative ideas bring about adorable figures of erasers, which are more popular among kids. They can not say no to spices-added erasers giving off a charming smell while being consumed! Erasers are almost the same in decades, but now there are new products: Eco-friendly erasers. Main ingredients of Eco-friendly erasers are "synthetic resin, protein and organic compounds" , without any chemicals and toxicities. Being naturally consumed, they have no leftovers.

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