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FAQ-Sewing Needle Making Machine

FAQ-Sewing Needle Making Machine

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If One Machine Could Produce Different Size Needle?
The sewing needle machine could produce different size needle through changing the mould. But we recommend that one machine for one size, because it’s very complex to change and adjust the mould.
What Is The Power Supply Does Each Type Of Your Machine Use?
ANSWER: The power supply is 380V; 3-Phase, 50Hz, but we can design the machine according to your requirement.
For Sewing Needle Production Line, How Many Machines Are Necessery?
ANSWER: The complete production line need Straightening and Cutting Machine, Sharpening Machine and Needle Forming Machine.

What Is The Price Of Mould?
The price of Mould is US$600.00/set.
How The Sharpening Machine Sharpening The Needle?
The wire sharpening machine sharpening the needle by grind stone, and it need to sharpen both side.
What Is The Raw Material For Sewing Needle Making Machine?

The raw material is 60# steel wire, the strength is around 690Mpa.

What's The Difference Between Type A Needle Forming Machine And Type B Needle Forming Machine?
Type A: The Max. Diameter is 0.9mm, the motor power is 3KW.
Type B: The Max. Diameter is 1.2mm, the motor power is 4.5KW. 
The dimension of Type B is bigger than Type B.
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