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FAQ - Clip Making Machine

FAQ - Clip Making Machine

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What Is The Power Supply Does Each Type Of Your Machine Use?
ANSWER: The power supply is 380V; 3-Phase, 50Hz, but we can design the clip making machine according to your requirement.
What Is The Scrap (Production Waste) Volume During Manufacturing?
ANSWER: There is few scrap during manufacturing, the rate of production waste is less than 1%. 
Does One Machine Only Make One Size Of Clip?
ANSWER: Yes, one machine only make one size, you can change the Mould to produce another size.
What Is The Price Of Mould?
ANSWER: The price of Mould is US$1,800.00/set. 
What Size Wire Should Be Used In The Production Of Clips U26, U33, U50?
ANSWER: The regular wire Dia. is 0.8-1.04mm. 
What Is The Raw Material For Clip?
ANSWER: The raw materail is Nickel plated wire (0.8-1.04mm), Rm= 700-800 MPa. 
Can The Machine Be Used Continuously 24hours A Day? What Is The Maintenance Time Required?
ANSWER: The production line can be used continuously 24hours a day, and it need maintenance one day every month. 
Is It Possible We Visit Your Factory? If Yes, How To Reach You?
ANSWER: Welcome you come and visit us any time, our factory locates in Wenzhou city; we also have office in Hangzhou city, nearby Shanghai, you can come to Wenzhou directly or come to Hangzhou firstly. 
Delivery Time For The Machines?
ANSWER: 45 days after receiving the down payment. 
How Do You Package The Machine?
ANSWER: We pack the machine by wooden case commonly for protection. 
How Long Do You Guarantee Machines? What Are The Guarantee Details?

ANSWER: 12 months after commissioning. (it is excluding wear parts. Shipping cost for parts to be replaced during warranty period has to be borne by the customer.)

About The Warranty, Do The Machines Have The Same Warranty If Working In Two Shifts?
ANSWER: The machines have the same warranty if working in two shifts. 
How Long Does It Take To Train A Skilled Operator? How Can We Have The Operator Trained?
ANSWER: It needs at least 7 days to train. You can send your worker to our factory or we send our technician to your factory to train. 
Is It Possible An Engineer Of Yours To Arrive Here At The Same Time With The Machines So It Can Star
ANSWER: Yes, 1 technician and 1 interpreter will be assigned to coordinate installation, commissioning and training, for about 7 working days, your side will supply the air return tickets, food, accommodation, transportation, communication, insurance, tax (if have) for the technician and the interpreter. 
USD100.00/day/person working fee will be paid to them. 
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