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Characteristics of Rubber Band Extruder

Ⅰ. Introduction of rubber band extruder

The production line includes: main extruder, mold, water tank, stripper, cutting machine.

Uses: production packaging, rubber band extrusion.

Main selling point: high productivity

After-sales service: video technical support, on-site installation, commissioning

Transport machine color: customer's request

Applicable industry: flexibility

Ⅱ. the characteristics of rubber band extruder

1. The reducer adopts arc gear transmission and is equipped with an enhanced lubrication system, which has high transmission efficiency and low noise.

2. The temperature control realizes automatic section control through the hot water circulation device.

3. The rubber band extruder is driven by a DC motor with continuous and stable speed regulation.

4. The rubber band extruder can be equipped with various heads such as inner tube, tread, wire and cable, and rubber supply, and users can put forward special requirements according to their needs.

5. The body of the rubber band extruder is equipped with a spiral channel, which has good thermal conductivity. There is a feeding roller in the feeding section to enhance the feeding capacity.

6. The screws and bushings are made of nitrided steel and are treated with nitriding, so they have sufficient strength and good wear resistance. The screw structure is a double-threaded main and auxiliary screw, which has excellent plasticization and self-cleaning properties.

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