Cautions For Not Starting For A Long Time Of The Eraser Machine

Cautions For Not Starting For A Long Time Of The Eraser Machine

1. Eraser machine should be checked whether the electrical wiring is accurate and there is no loosening phenomenon before use.

2. Measure heater with megaohmmeter, and the insulation resistance of heater should not be greater than 0.5ΜΩ (if it is not opening for a long time).

3. Check the installation of thermocouples, melt sensors and other detection elements.

4. Add lubricating oil to the middle of the cursor and start the oil pump to test the lubrication. Add oil to the middle of the cursor.

5. Check all up and down water pipes, oil pipes, vacuum pipes, which should be unblocked, without any leakage. The control valves should be flexible in the adjustment.

6. Confirm whether the screw barrel assembly configuration of eraser machine is suitable for the material variety to be carried out, and if it is obviously not suitable, we should make a reassembly adjustment.

7. Check the rotation direction of the main motor and the feeding motor. The main machine rotates clockwise in the face of the main discharging head of the extruder.

8. Clean up warehouses and hoppers. After confirming that there is no foreign matter, fill the warehouse with materials. All kinds of metering and feeding devices should be calibrated on site according to industrial requirements, and the feeding curves of each feeding device are given, and the test scheme is agreed upon.

9. For the operation of oil vacuum exhaust, clean tap water should be added to the condensation tank to the specified water level. Close the vacuum pipeline and the valves of the condensation tank and check whether the sealing ring of the exhaust chamber is in good condition.

10. The main engine of eraser machine is cooled by soft water.

11. Soft water circulating cooling system should be used for materials with high internal fever or shear heat allergy in operation. Boiler soft water should be injected into the water tank to the specified level before use. When the system is used for the first time, the soft water should be used after the system works until the prescribed amount of soft water is added to the normal level.
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