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C Ring Making Machine

1. Out put: 150pcs/min
2. Wire diameter: Φ1.6-3.0mm
3. Space required: 2m(L)*2m(W)
4. Total power: 2.0KW
5. Suitable material: Galvanized wire
6. Current source: 380V,3P,50HZ
7. Dimension: 2000x1000x1600 mm
8. Weight: 500Kg

Advantages of C Ring Making Machine

1. CANDID hog ring making machine uses adhesive tape to connect the hog ring through a heating device so that it can make the connecting stronger. 
2. The length of finished product could be adjusted according to customers' requirement through change the cutter position.
3. CANDID hog ring making machine adopts proximity switch at the wire feeding position, so the machine will stop automatically when there are some problems. It can extend the lifetime of the hog ring making machine. 

Application of Automatic Ring Making Machine

Hog ring is widely used in industry, such as furniture, wooden box, gabion box and so on. The hog ring is used with hog ring gun and hog ring is the stick by adhesive tape to make them together. It also has various size and diameter, the minimum size is 1.6mm and the maximum size is 3.0mm. The size depends on their usage.

CANDID hog ring making machine is a single machine and easy to operate. It is suitable for making various type of hog ring with galvanized steel wire as raw material. The hog ring making machine has a heating device to make the adhesive tape with strong sticky so that the finished hog ring can connect very strong. CANDID can supply each customer the customized machine according to their different requirements. Our machine is easy to operate, our customer can operate it according to our video step by step.

As a reliable ring making machine manufacturer, CANDID always believe that the most important thing we should do is to supply our clients the ring making machine with the best quality and continuous service. Due to the investment in equipment is one-off, the quality is directly affected on customer's profit. So we always try our best to supply each customer the good quality equipment. If they have any question, we will help them to solve it.

Specification of C Ring Making Equipment

Galvanized Wire


c ring


150pcs./min (According to customers' requirement, 50pcs/strip commonly)


0.75kw, 380V, 3-Phase/50Hz


2000mm x 1000mm x 1600mm



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