Who Invented The Paper Clip

Who Invented The Paper Clip

Paperclip, invented by Norwegian Johan vaaler, was patented in Germany in 1899 for the purpose of holding many pages together.

When we use the paper clips, we will feel that they exist like chopsticks, and few people will focus on such fantastic works. Imagine that before the paper clips came out, the solution people could think of in the face of a pile of paper was nothing more than sticking and sewing, using a piece of wire to deal with this problem in a state of seemingly no connecting. Everything seems to be the alien thinking way.

Improved by William Middlebrook, an engineer in waterburg, Conn., the inner ring of the paper clip looks like the lips are slightly raised, which is the essence of its shape, because the protruding end of the wire in the earlier design will stab the paper and break it. In this way, the pictographic advantage of Chinese characters will be exalted. It seems that the paper clip in English can't make people think "back to shape" in any way.

A plane curve forms a space curve under the action of external forces, and the resulting tension is used to hold a certain thickness of sheet objects. Isn't the exact definition of paper clips? It is said that knots are the first step for humans to bid farewell to the animals. It is only tens of millions of years later that humans have mastered the wonderful use of rigid knots. This can show how the invention of paper clips has epoch-making significance. No wonder that Norwegians wore paper clips on their clothes to show their patriotic spirit in World War II.

In the field of human, the most difficult to design is the paperclip, which looks ordinary but can't be imagined. It will be more intense if it is carefully studied the swallowtail clips which have the similar functions of the paperclip. Unfortunately, it is less possible to know the history of inventing the swallowtail clips, so that I can only regard the abstract human as the object of lamentation. Thank you for the human civilization There are miracles I marvel at.

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