Urban model created by Peter Root using staples

Urban model created by Peter Root using staples

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I'm sure you've seen a lot of "stacked" art installations. Do you know which one is the most impressive? These dense stacking arts often make people with intensive phobia feel numb, but for ordinary people, they should be able to realize that artists want to express the concept that "more is beauty". However, the works to be introduced to you today may not be so friendly. Even if those people without intensive phobia come to see them, they may also Make your toes curl. It's very because this article plays the role of "puncture" in general, which is easy to associate people with terror!

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The "Ephemicropolis" however created by artist Peter root is composed of staples commonly used by people. This small metal thing has become the material of skyscrapers in the eyes of artists. Root uses more than 100000 staples, and it takes more than 40 hours to arrange out buildings with uneven height. No matter from a distance or from a close distance, it has a special aesthetic feeling.

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It's called "stacking", but actually it's a bit of sneaking. After all, the staples are fixed by glue when produced, so the users can install them into the stapler smoothly. In the process of creation, one of Root’s tasks is to separate them one by one, so as to show the difference of building height. But in fact, the staples glued didn't make the creation simpler. The artist still had to arrange them completely according to the composition in his mind, just like a domino, to test his endurance, concentration and stability. At the same time, he had to be careful not to press these staples with a little lethality. If he didn't pay attention, he would get injured.

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