This Is How A Measuring Tape Is Made!

This Is How A Measuring Tape Is Made!

Tape measure is a kind of measuring tool commonly used in daily life. Steel measuring tape, which is often used in construction and decoration, is familiar for the majority and also one of the necessary tools for families. It can be divided into three types, fiber tape, leathery tape, body tape, etc. Lu Ban ruler, Feng Shui ruler and Wen Gong ruler also belong to steel measuring tape. What we often see is the steel measuring tape, which is composed of eight parts: shell, ruler bar, brake, ruler hook, lifting strap, ruler spring, protective cover against falls and label.

1. Shell: ABS new-style plastic, glossy texture; protectively robust, wear-resistant, hardly to be distorted.
2. Ruler bar: 50 × grade I strip with thickness of 10 wires (0.10 mm) is used; ruler surface is coated by the most advanced environmental oil paint: odorless, smooth, wear-resistant, bright hued, clearly printed.
3. Braking: braking is from upper, side and bottom with stronger sense of control by hand.
4. Ruler hook: structure of rivet ruler hook, less distortion, to ensure more accurate measurement.
5. Strap: two kinds of rubber and nylon; high-grade and high-quality; strong and durable, touching good.
6. Ruler spring: 50 × carbon steel and 65 × manganese material;strong toughness and high accuracy.
7. Protection cover against falls: high-quality plastic, to prevent falling and collision damage, and to enhance durability.
8. Labeling: Produce label according to customer requirements.

The numbers on the tape measure are divided into two rows. One row applies the unit of centimeter/cm, each of which equals to about 0.3937 inch, and one inch is about 2.54cm. Therefore, one row with shorter intervals between two numbers uses cm, the other with longer uses inch, and the number font of cm is smaller than that of inch. 100cm equals to 1m. Generally, the unit in use is cm.

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