The Process of Eraser-making

The Process of Eraser-making

Today, let's talk about different types of eraser.

Soft and opaque as they are, erasers of brown, pink or black for 2B or 4B are drawing ones, basically made of rubber. The softest one in the eraser family, the plasticine eraser (a soft eraser) that is soft enough to be reshaped is commonly used in sketching but ill-suited in daily writing.

The plastic erasers which attract the most students are also well distinguished themselves by polypropylene contained. Being semi-translucent with an obvious plastic texture, the plastic erasers will be consumed into small sections or granular scraps, unlike that of other erasers into stripes.

Certainly not, one by one, will I name all other erasers on the market, among which the majority is the specialized ones.

To unveil the process of eraser-making, Eraser Packaging Machine / Eraser Wrapping Machine / Eraser Extruder should be introduced. What is the exact process?

The Process of Eraser-making
1. Synthetic rubber in the form of powder or liquid is delivered by a petroleum processing plant to an eraser factory. Whereas natural rubber being a solid mass, must be smashed and dissolved manually at first.
2. Mix the rubber with ground pumice (which makes the rubber relatively hard) , iron oxide (which turns the rubber pink), vegetable oil, sulfur, and other materials.
3. Heat the mixture so that the sulfur and the rubber can roll into each other to increase its strength and durability.
4. Feed the soft, warm material into the punching machine (pressed into a die) to make a rubber stick long and thin. Then the rubber stick should be cut into small segments after coolling down and transported to a pencil factory to be made into a pencil eraser.
5. Block erasers, independently used, are made by injecting a heated rubber mixture into molds of various shapes. Open the mold after cooling down,  come out the erasers in all shapes.

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