The Application of Plasticine Machine in the Market

The Application of Plasticine Machine in the Market

Plasticine, which is also called colored clay, is a kind of raw material used by students to make creative modelings and colored clay paintings. Plasticine is best for creative works because it is soft but not sticky and has various colors like red, yellow, blue, green, pink, orange, purple and so on. When the plasticine gets dry, add some water then it will return to softness, so it can be reused for many times. Plasticine paintings form a new consumption hot spot in the colored clay market because of its simple production, wide range of adaptation, rapid spread, and strong repeated consumption. People in the modern society require a higher and higher living standard, and their consumption concepts have changed dramatically. Either from eating to playing or from appreciation to participation, the youth generation has become a large group of colored clay consumers due to their knowledge-seeking, novelty-seeking and avant-garde lifestyles. Plasticine paintings are especially popular because they have all sorts of characteristic patterns that attract modern urban teenagers. Spending 10 to 20 yuan making a lovely plasticine painting in person, hanging it in the room or sending it to friends and lovers as a present fully reflects the fashion-conscious personality of the modern urban youth. 

In order to meet the needs of the market, our company has developed and produced a full-automatic speed-regulating plasticine machine. The full-automatic plasticine machine can be divided into two types: single color stripper and double color stripper. Users can adjust the color of the colored clay according to the number of machines needed in production. The machine controls the discharging speed through the speed regulating motor, and changes the die head to adjust the degree of thickness. After the colored clay strips are transmitted to the delay segmenting machine by the band carrier and are cut into pieces, the workers can start the packing, which saves the labor and raises the output. You are welcome to shop!

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