Stapler Pin Processing Technology

Stapler Pin Processing Technology

The stapler machine uses cam mechanism.
1. The wire feeding roller rolls the steel wire flat and feeds it into the hole in the cutting groove;
2. When the length of the steel wire is enough, the front end of the steel wire is laid on a square bar (the size of the iron is the size of the inside of the nail);
3. The upper indenter holds down the steel wire;
4. When the cutting knife works, it cuts steel wire;
5. Punches on both sides of the upper press head are folded downward into staples;
6. The upper press head is raised and a pole is pushed forward to push a distance between the staples. Then enter the production of the next staple;
7. The made studs crawl forward on a square bar of iron, which is hollow and contains electric heating wires. The top of the stud is provided with a glue brush to glue the processed stud.
8. When the manufactured and bonded staples keep moving forward, they are broken by the breaking mechanism and slide down along the inclined groove to the packing process. So the staples are not electroplated, while the paper clips and pins are electroplated. The tip of pin is grinded by grinding wheel, and the tip of steel nail is quadripyramid formed by die extrusion.

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