Rubber Production Process

Rubber Production Process

1. The petroleum processing factory transports the powder or liquid synthetic rubber to the rubber factory. If natural rubber is to be used, it comes in strong bulks which workers must first crush and dissolve.

2. Mix rubber with ground pumice powder (which makes rubber slightly harder), iron oxide (which turns rubber pink), vegetable oil, sulfur and other substances.

3. Heating the mixture causes sulphur to mix with rubber to increase the strength of rubber, making it more durable.

4. Feed the soft, still warm material into the punch (squeeze into a die) to make a long and thin rubber stick. Cut the rubber stick into small pieces with a knife. After it cools down, it is transported to the pencil factory to make the eraser on the pencil.

5. The block rubber used alone is made by injecting the heated rubber mixture into various shapes of moulds. When it's cooled, open the mould, and all kinds of rubber come out.

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