Main Process of Eraser Production Line

Main Process of Eraser Production Line

CANDID is a professional manufacturer of eraser production machinery and other stationery machine. It integrates production, sales, and service. Leading products: eraser cutting machine, eraser extruder, an industrial tape/gift manufacturing machine, crayon production machine and so on.X series products are widely used in eraser production and packaging. Y series is used in eraser printing. T series products are widely used in the packaging of pencil, tape measure, crayon, and other related stationery products. The products sell well at home and abroad.

The main processes of the eraser production line are as follows:
1. Petroleum processing plants transport synthetic rubber in powder or liquid form to eraser factories. If natural rubber is to be used, it comes in strong bulks, which workers must first crush and dissolve.

2. Mix rubber with calcium carbonate,white oil and other substances.

3. Heating the mixture and it will turn to power,then put powder in granulator to make small granules, it will become soft solid granule.

4. Feed the soft granule into the extruder  (squeeze into a die) to make a long and thin rubber stick. Cut the rubber stick into small pieces with a knife. After it cools down, it is transported to the pencil factory to make the eraser on the pencil.

CANDID has a complete management system for the eraser production line, which makes the staff work enthusiastically. It promotes the production, manufacturing, equipment, sales, service and so on. It also plays a constructive role in forming an integrated production process and excellent corporate culture.
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