How to identify the quality of staples?

How to identify the quality of staples?

Staplers are common office products and the use of staples is also very important. Now there are many kinds of staples on the market. Is the quality of staples good or bad? Different materials and processes will affect the quality. How can we distinguish good quality products? Now, there are three ways introduced here to identify.

1. Look at the brand of staples and packaging.

Generally speaking, the quality and reputation of staples produced by large companies are relatively reliable. The production materials and machines of staples of large companies must be selected layer by layer. CANDID specializes in the development and production of the stapler manufacturing machine, which is very suitable for large companies to produce high-quality staples.

2. Look at the degree of gloss and materials used.

Now the more popular staples are made of steel wire, which is different from the previous wire. The quality of steel wire is more solid and robust, and it is not easy to break and deform. And the stitches made of steel wire and iron wire have obvious differences in appearance color. The stitches made of steel wire have bright color and obvious reflective effect. The color of the staples made of wire is not bright or reflective, which can be easily distinguished by the naked eye.

3. Have a look at the service condition and service life.

However, some of them with brightly sharp stitches found it difficult to get through the paper when used, and also these stitches are easy to be snapped in two. Then you have to pay attention that you are likely to buy gold-plated fake products. The real steel wire stapler has strong penetration, so it is easy to sew paper articles through, and will not be easily snapped off. Higher quality steel also has the good ability of anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation, and the staples after binding will not rust for a long time.

Is the quality of staples good or bad? We believe that all of you have already known how to identify them accurately.

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