Factors Affecting the Capacity of Eraser

Factors Affecting the Capacity of Eraser

The most direct and effective way to reduce the production cost of enterprises is to increase the finished product rate of eraser. For every 1 percentage point increase in the capacity, the cost of eraser production will be reduced to a lower level. The improvement of finished product rate is based on the quality of products and is related to the output. Improving the capacity is a systematic project. It is difficult to increase the capacity by a single process method. It must be a multi-link cumulative improvement. Improving the capacity of finished products is a meticulous work, which requires not only technical support but also rigorous, pragmatic and scientific management.

1.Factors Affecting the capacity of Finished Products
There are many factors affecting the capacity of finished products. As far as extrusion production is concerned, there are mainly the following aspects:

(1) The quality of eraser directly determines the capacity of extruded products.
(2) Dies and eraser extruding machine have a great impact on the capacity. They directly affect the quality of extruded products. If the pass rate of products is high, the capacity will be high.
(3) The rationality of the production plan and the accuracy of the original data of the production report are also the preconditions for improving the capacity. The raw data of various production reports is an important basis for judging the finished product rate of rubber raw materials before extrusion.
(4) The extrusion process includes the research and development of eraser extruding machine according to the extrusion ratio, the determination of process temperature and tension straightening process, etc. Whether each process is scientific, meticulous and reasonable also has a great impact on the capacity.
(5) The proficiency and responsibility of operators are necessary to improve the capacity of extrusion products.

In order to improve the capacity of extruded products, in the process of comprehensive and meticulous work of extrusion production, not only the technology and technology should be in place, but also the management should be in place and implemented. There is still a lot of room to improve the production rate of extruders in our country. The key is to improve the performance of eraser extruding machine. The improvement in the production rate will be a continuous process. Improving the rate of finished products and the quality and output of products are closely linked, which is a comprehensive reflection of the technology and management level of an enterprise is a comprehensive reflection of the technology and management level of an enterprise.
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