Crayon Manufacturing Machine

Crayon Manufacturing Machine

The operational principle of crayon manufacturing machine :It is a piece of ideal equipment for mediating, mixing, kneading, crushing, dispersing and re-polymerizing various chemical products of high viscosity slurry or elastic-plastic materials which can not be processed by ordinary powder mixers and liquid mixers. It has the advantages of uniform stirring, no dead angle and high kneading efficiency. Material scratches, stretches, folds and squeezes between blades, slot walls, and ridge protrusions. Material circulates from one end of the impeller to the other. The two impellers are tangent and rotate at different speeds, thus completing the kneading process. When discharging,  just tilt the slot.

Paddle structure of crayon manufacturing machine

1. Fishtail agitator is suitable for kneading cellulose.
2. Z-type agitator, also known as simple agitator, is simple in shape and is used for dispersing and mixing pigments in resins under high viscosity.
3. Cutting impeller is one of the toughest impellers. It is suitable for kneading of ultra-high viscosity materials under high power and heavy load. When using the cutting impeller, the tangential arrangement of the two impellers is mostly adopted. Applicable materials: rubber, iron oxide, magnetic recording materials, etc.
4. Type Σ agitator is the most general type, which is suitable for kneading operations with external substances which have to move more in the kneading and tank.

Processing high-concentration materials with crayon manufacturing machine is a very complex and challenging task. In order to deal with high-concentration materials better, new technologies need to be developed. As a result, the company began to develop reliable technology that can handle phase change in high concentration materials, namely the so-called "dry process".

Kaicheng Company is one of the main manufacturers specializing in crayon manufacturing machinery. The company keeps forging ahead, seeking practical benefits, and sincerely serves the vast number of users. The company upholds the tenet of "quality first, customer first". The company upholds the tenet of quality first and customer first.
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