Production Process of Ultra-light Clay (Colorful Clay) Formula

Production Process of Ultra-light Clay (Colorful Clay) Formula

The fungicide used in our clay is Kathon, of which the chemical name is 5-chloro - 2-methyl - 4-isothiazoline - 3-ketone  and  2-methyl - 4-isothiazoline - 3-ketone (isothiazol inones).

Product's Chinese Name: Kasong or Kaisong.

Product's English Name: Kathon, CAS No. 26172-55-4, 2682-20-4.

Molecular Formula: C4H4CINOS + C4H5NOS.

Molecular Weight: 149.56 + 115.06.

Quality Standard: Q / SH006 -1998.

The physical and chemical properties of Kathon are as below: It is an aqueous solution of the above-mentioned mixture, with an appearance of transparent light amber liquid and a mild odor. Its relative density is (20 / 4) 1.19, viscosity (23) 5.0 mpa.s, freezing point -18-21.5 and pH 3.5-5.0. It is soluble in water, low carbon alcohol and ethylene glycol. The best range in use is pH 4-8, over which stability will decline. One-year storage under room temperature disactivates it little. The humectant may be one of glycerol, propylene glycol, glycerine, polyethylene glycol, sorbitol, tripropanol, 3,4 diethylene glycol, vegetable oil and mineral oil, or a mixture of they two at least. A preferable choice goes to glycerol.

In the absence of pigment, clay is white, on which can be colorfully painted by personal preference. Diverse pigments, for instance, fluorescent ones, luminous ones, color-changing ones and gold powder, can be added in to get the wanted color.

The colorants used in our clay are any one or two more mixtures of organic or fluorescent pigments. In short, it is easy for technical personnel in this field to select suitable pigments to form the color they need.

For example, a black pigment can differently be carbon black, rubber carbon black and so on. Much more variants as a yellow pigment can be,  examples are but not limited to: sun-resistant yellow, permanent solid yellow, iron oxide yellow, zinc yellow, nickel titanium yellow, Napur yellow, tea phenol yellow S, Caesar yellow G, Caesar yellow 10G, quinoline yellow, tartrazine yellow, etc..

Likewise, an orange pigment can be but not limited to: molybdenum orange, permanent orange, etc. . A red pigment can be, for instance, but not limited to: sun-resistant red, permanent red, iron oxide red, deep Alizarin red, crimson Lake, Lisol red, pyrazolone red, Lake red D, eosin Lake, Rhodamine Lake B, Alizarin Lake, etc. . Brown pigments, such as, but not limited to: brown earth, Loess, burnt ochre, iron-rich Loess, etc. . Similarly, a purple pigment can be, for example, but not limited to: permanent purple, iron oxide purple, methyl purple Lake, etc. . Blue pigments, such as, but not limited to: phthalocyanine blue, ultramarine, Prussian blue, cobalt blue, basic blue Lake, Victoria blue Lake, Indanthrone blue, etc..

So as to a green pigment, it can be, such as, but not limited to: phthalocyanine green, pigment green B, malachite green Lake, naphthol green, etc. . A white pigment can be, for example, but not limited to: titanium dioxide, zinc white, zinc sulfate and so on. Above mentioned pigments can be used independently or in combinations.

An appropriate parts of essence may also dosed into the mixture.

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