Operational Principle of Crayon Manufacturing Machine

Operational Principle of Crayon Manufacturing Machine

The operational principle of crayon manufacturing machine:The raw materials of the oil painting rod is heated and stirred into a liquid state in the dissolving tank. They are pumped from bottom to top by the feed pump to the die feeding device and pressed into the die plate. After water cooling, the pigments are in a solid state, and the extruding die is extruded by the demoulding device and transmitted to the pen bin by the conveying device. Workload: We introduce the latest technology from Korea, and can produce 9600 oil painting sticks per hour. According to different pigments, the speed of die plate, feed pump, and mixing mechanism can be adjusted by itself, so as to achieve the best effect of oil painting rod production.

Performance characteristics: The equipment is composed of two parts: die and body. It can replace the die and is suitable for the production of oil painting rods with different shapes. The replacement of the die is convenient.

Crayon manufacturing machine mainly uses paraffin as raw materials for crayon production. When making wax crayons with paraffin wax, they often encounter some difficulties in making bubbles. The crayons produced are not only of unqualified quality but also have many grainy holes in their appearance, which appear to be very unsightly and directly affects consumers' purchase.

Paraffin wax is a kind of mineral wax and also a kind of petroleum wax. It is a kind of wax paste made by solvent refining, solvent dewaxing or wax freezing crystallization, press dewaxing from the distillation of crude oil, and then by solvent deoiling and refining, flake or needle crystallization. When it is used to produce crayons, if it does not add defoamer products, it will easily lead to bubbles.

In order to solve the problem of foam produced by wax in crayon production, Kai Cheng company uses paraffin defoamer, its main component is an organic modified polysiloxane, and has many excellent properties:

(1) It has low surface tension, excellent anti-foaming, defoaming and defoaming effects, and is very fast.
(2) It has good dispersibility in the oil system, especially in high viscosity system.
(3) It can prevent shrinkage and improve the luster of paraffin wax.
(4) It can improve the adhesion resistance and surface smoothness, thus improving the scratch resistance and wear resistance of paraffin wax.
(5) It can effectively inhibit and eliminate the bubbles and micro-bubbles produced in the production and use of paraffin.
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