Manufacturing Process of Rubber Eraser Making Machine

Manufacturing Process of Rubber Eraser Making Machine

The manufacturing process of rubber eraser making machine produced by CANDID :
1. Petroleum processing plants transport synthetic rubber in powder or liquid form to eraser factories. If natural rubber is to be used, it comes in strong bulks, which workers must first crush and dissolve.

2. Mix rubber with calcium carbonate,white oil and other substances.

3. Heating the mixture causes sulphur to mix with rubber to increase the strength of the rubber and make it more durable.Heating the mixture and it will turn to power,then put powder in granulator to make small granules, it will become soft solid granule

4. Feed the soft granule into the extruder (squeeze into a die) to make a long and thin rubber stick. Cut the rubber stick into small pieces with a knife. After it cools down, it is transported to the pencil factory to make the eraser on the pencil.

CANDID specializes in: rubber production technology and rubber production equipment research and development, design, production work, CANDID has successfully established and reformed a number of large stationery manufacturers. Kaicheng company mainly provides the production of the current domestic advanced rubber eraser making machine: "NC intelligent multifunctional automatic assembly line production machine" unit.

This rubber eraser making machine unit: stable performance and easy operation can set multiple processes (extrusion - cutting - printing - packaging trademark paper - packaging cellophane) with a machine to complete directly at one time. In the past, it relied on a lot of manual work to solve the problems of printing and packaging, and occupied a large number of factory buildings. It is fully automatic equipment with high efficiency, high quality, and high savings.

In addition, CANDID  is willing to provide with various pattern extrusion moulds, injection moulds, pattern rubber multi-color extruder, thermoprinting machine high-precision cutting machine, high-precision rubber head high-speed granulator dicing cutter, high-speed mixing machine, vibrating screen, rubber fillet drum and other automation machines and new formula of various eraser raw materials.
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