How Was The Paper Clip Invented

How Was The Paper Clip Invented

In the past, people used to pin their pages together. But the needle damages the paper, and it will also hurt the user by puncturing the finger. A Norwegian inventor, John Waller, thinks he can solve the problem. In 1901, he filed a patent application for the wire paper clip. Almost at the same time, several inventors came up with similar designs.

However, all of these early paper clips had some problems. When pushing the clip, the end of the protruding wire will stab into the paper and break the paper, causing more damage to the paper than the needle. It's also difficult to make a machine for making clips. Obviously, the labor cost of producing paper clips by hand will make the product price too high.

William Middlebrook, an engineer in waterburg, Conn., solved the problem of machine building. In 1899, he invented a machine for bending wire paper clips. Middlebrook could also provided solutions to other problems. The paper clip made by his machine had a double ring, so it was very similar to the paper clip we use now. These paper clips were famous for their paper clips named "gem" . They generally did not damage the paper. Paper clips are now made of plastic coated with different colors. This not only makes paper clips more attractive, but also allows users to "code" pages with paper clips of different colors. No one seems to have mentioned the patent of the gem paperclip, so it's impossible to determine who invented it. But since it was adopted at the beginning of this century, it has become a standard design.

What's the function of the paper clips we often use in our office? Many people want to know about this question. An inch long thin steel wire is bent several times and becomes a paper clip. Besides paper clip, what other uses does paper clip have?

In office, the most common use of paper clip is to clip files, put paper and folders together, and play a fixed role. When I was a child, I saw my neighbor put on paper clips and wrapped them in colorful paper as curtains. It was very beautiful! This thing can also be twisted into a variety of small works of art after being broken off. I've seen it made into the shape of a bicycle. It's very powerful. Open your fixed thinking and use your imagination to know how rich it is. Let's try to think about it. The answers are all sorts of.

In the training of "creativity", there is a famous training case: how many uses does the paper clip have? I believe that everyone's first reaction is to be able to say the file clip, and then after a little thought, they will say more uses, such as chain, toothpick, bounding to things, forking food, stabbing people, unlocking instead of the key functions, going fishing by grinding it into a fishhook; when the button is off, it can be hooked up with a paper clip; when ground, it can replace the needle; it can be made into a curtain, tattoo, hair clip, flower fixing and so on.A Japanese scientist claimed to have listed 2400 uses for paper clips. A scholar in Nanjing claimed that he could list 30000 species. A small paper clip has so many uses.

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