How to Make Erasers

How to Make Erasers

Who invented the eraser?

Long before 240 years ago, a British scientist named Joseph Priestley discovered something that could easily erase pencil marks -- rubber. The British called it "rubber" for the first words erased were "to rub out", while the American named it "eraser".

At the same year, Edward Moises Nam, a British engineer, accidentally used a rubber to remove pencil marks and found it effective.  Immediately brought into production and sold, the rubber, at that time, credited him with the title of inventor for his business acumen.

Although the discovery of rubber improved the pencil marks removal, the natural rubber made erasers were of the limited convenience, only to dirty themselves in use by sticking pencil dust and being unable to be consumed.

Seventy years later, in 1839, erasers began to be widely used after inventor Charles Goodyear improved the rubber by vulcanization.

About Eraser-making

"Plastic + synthetic rubber" are raw materials for most of the erasers.

Eraser-making -- Material Preparation
Synthetic rubber or natural rubber, pumice powder (to increase hardness), iron oxide (to change color), vegetable oil, sulfur, etc.

Eraser-making -- Material Mixing
Heat and stir it, then perfect the mixture in a mill to make the rubber strong and durable.

Eraser-making -- Material Shaping
After stamping, extrusion and molding, the mixture, by cutting, drying, grinding, packaging and so on, becomes erasers of various shapes.

Types of Erasers

Erasers that can remove marks of graphite or ink are stationery made of rubber .
Different erasers, like ordinary white ones, perfumed ones, 2B, 4B, 6B drawing-pencil matched ones, plasticine erasers, and so on, all give proof on their diversified shapes and colors.
In addition to remove pencil marks, erasers can be used to clean walls, leather, shoes, and cars. Moreover, eraser-made stamps, gifts, and crafts can serve as artworks.

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