Features of Stationery Making Machine

Features of Stationery Making Machine

Stationery manufacture refers to the manufacture of all kinds of stationery used in offices and for study.

Functions and structural features of stationery manufacturing machine

1. Controlled by the dual-converter, it saves time and films because the bag length can be flexibly cut and all procedures are settled in one go.

2. The interface functions are simple and quick to set up and operate.

3. The fault display is clear with the fault self-diagnosis function.

4. The stationery manufacturing machine achieves ultra-high precision with the high sensitivity photoelectric eye color tracking system and by inputting specific data of the cutting and sealing positions.

5. Temperature independent PID control is more suitable for manufacturing different materials.

6. No sticky knives or wasted film with the position stop function.

7. The simple drive system helps to realize reliable operation and easy maintenance.

8. All controls are software-based, which makes it easy to adjust functions and upgrade technology.

CANDID, one of the leading stationery making machine manufacturers in China, our machinery equipments especially stationery making machines are sold all over the world. Continuing our commitment to innovative product design, functionality and overall usability, all of our products are widely used in the packaging manufacturing industry, and we are committed to achieving the best quality requirements for all types of our products. Our products are absolutely your best choice. We sincerely hope to have the opportunity to establish further business relations with you. 

Our company has been committed to the research and development of intelligent equipment and manufacturing for many years. We have a well-organized, professional and excellent team. We deeply believe that in the near future, CANDID will contribute simpler and more intelligent production equipment to the market.

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