FAQ-Staple Making Machine

FAQ-Staple Making Machine

How Do We Adjust The Sizes Of The Produced Staples (In Grams)?
By changing the mould.
How Can You Help Us To Set Up The Machine? How Long Does It Take?

For single staple making machine, we will send the operation video to teach the worker how to operate step by step;

For staple production line, 1 technician and 1 interpreter will be assigned to coordinate installation, commissioning and training, for the duration of 15 working days, your side will supply the air return tickets, food, accommodation, transportation, communication, insurance, tax (if have) for the technicians and the interpreter. USD100.00/day/person working fee will be paid to them.

What Are The Main Differences Between Single Wire Machine And Production Line?
There are two differences between Single wire machine and production line:

1. Capacity
This is the main difference, the capacity of Single wire machine is 7strips/min, but production line can reach to max. 135 strips/min.

2. Machine recommend
If the main finished products is office staple we recommend single wire staple machine. If the main finished products is an industrial staple, we recommend staple production line.
What Is The Power Supply Does Each Type Of Your Machine Use?
The power supply is 380V; 3-Phase, 50Hz, but we can design the staple making machine according to your requirement.
What's The Consumption For Steel Wire?






Steel wire consumption









8 month




6 month

What Is The Power Consumption Does Each Type Of Your Machine Per Hour?
The power consumption are as follows:

1. Flattening Machine, 13kwh/h
2. Gluing Machine, 4.5kwh/h
3. Forming Machine, 5.5kwh/h

Total: 13kwh/h
What Is The Scrap (Production Waste) Volume During Manufacturing?
There is few scrap during manufacturing, the rate of production waste is less than 1%.
Can The Machine Be Used Continuously 24hours A Day? What Is The Maintenance Time Required?
The production line can be used continuously 24hours a day, and it need be maintenance one day every month.
What Is The Output Production (In Kg) Per 8 Hour Shift For Each Machine?
The output production per 8 hour shift is 200kg for the production line.
How Often We Must Change Some Parts Of Machine, Molds, Etc.
Six months to one year.
What Is The Raw Material It Can Take?
The raw material is Galvanized Wire and Glue.
  • The Tensile Strength of Galvanized Wire should be around 500Mpa.
  • The coil should be around 25kg/coil
  • The type of GLUE should be type is A and B.
What’S The Glue Consumption For 1 Ton Staple Pin?
For single staple making machine, the consumption is 1KG;
For staple production line, the consumption is 50KG.
Why The Glue Consumption Is Different For Single Staple Making Machine And Staple Prodution Line?
Single staple making machine just gluing the staple pin outside face and gluing one time;
Staple production line is gluing the wire both sides and three times.
What Is The Price Of Glue?
It is around US$12.00/kg in China and MOQ is 900kg.
What Is The Required Space For Each Set Of Machine And Related Equipment And Accessories?
The space of production line needs at least 20m x 6m.
How Many Sets Can Fit Into A 20' Full Container Load?
One 20' Full Container just can load one production line or 10 sets Single wire machine.
How Long Do You Guarantee Machines? What Are The Guarantee Details?
12 months after commissioning. (it is excluding wear parts. Shipping cost for parts to be replaced during warranty period has to be borne by the customer.)
Is It Possible We Visit Your Factory? If Yes, How To Reach You?
Welcome you come and visit us any time, our factory locates in Wenzhou city; we also have office in Hangzhou city, nearby Shanghai, you can come to Wenzhou directly or come to Hangzhou firstly.
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