FAQ-Safety Pin Making Machine

FAQ-Safety Pin Making Machine

What Is The Power Supply Does Each Type Of Your Machine Use?
ANSWER: The power supply is 380V; 3-Phase, 50Hz, but we can design the machine according to your requirement.
For Safety Pin Production Line, What’S Information Should Be Provided By Customer?

ANSWER: The length of safety pin, the diameter of wire, the height of cap, the width of cap and the thckness of cap.

Is It Possible We Visit Your Factory? If Yes, How To Reach You?
ANSWER: Welcome you come and visit us any time, our factory locates in Changshu city; we also have office in Hangzhou city, nearby Shanghai, you can come to Changshu directly or come to Hangzhou firstly.
How Do We Adjust The Sizes Of The Produced Safety Pin?
ANSWER: By changing the mould. But we recommend that one machine just for one size, because it's very difficult to change the mould and should adjust many parts of the machine.
For Safety Pin Production Line, How Many Workers Need To Operate?
ANSWER: At least two workers, one for Straightening and Cutting Machine and wire sharpening machine, one for cap making machine and assembly machine.
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