The Stationery Industry Say Farewell to

The Stationery Industry Say Farewell to " Win by Quantity"

As early as in Paperworld China 2009 China International Stationery and Office Supplies Exhibition (Shanghai Frankfurt Stationery Exhibition) Press Conference, Frankfurt Exhibition Company said the future of the global stationery industry went towards durable, functional and emotional.

The global stationery market has been hit by the financial crisis, according to the Frankfurt Exhibition Company, the organizer of the China International Stationery and Office Supplies Exhibition. Global Stationery sales growth in 2008 was 4.1 percentage points lower than the previous year. For this year, similarly, it is still expected to be slightly lower than that of last year whereas it is in 2010 to be the same as that of this year.

The exhibition released three key words of the world stationery industry in 2010 : durable, functional and emotional. Based on researches of the development idea of the stationery industry together with other related industries such as textile, household and clothing, the conclusion of the three key words is the vane of the future to the stationery industry next year. Centered by the three key words, 2010 stationery market will focus on product quality and artistic appearance. Whether it is a success depends on quality rather than quantity.

Significant as the three words are, they guide Yiwu stationery manufacturing machinery enterprises to the future that pure-functional stationery is being replaced by cultural and artistic ones. First of all, Yiwu stationery enterprises should thoroughly bid farewell to the concept of "win by quantity" and “win by undersell”. Meanwhile, their attention should be draw to product quality, and more importantly, to the idea of design and create, with which the stationery becomes a "emotional appeal" .

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