School Stationery Machine Service
School Stationery Machine Service School series machine is for making items that used in school, like eraser, rubber band, crayon, play dough etc..
We could design the stationery machines according to customer detailed requirement to make a different color, size, logo items, meanwhile, we are able to supply high quality and competitive price raw materials so that to offer customer one-stop service.
  • Eraser Making Machine This Eraser Making Machine is used for making TPR and PVC erasers which is commonly used in school and office. Eraser Making Machine Measuring Tape Making Machine CANDID measuring tape production machine is commonly used for making fiberglass measuring tape. Measuring Tape Making Machine Rubber Band Making Machine Rubber Band production line can be designed according to customer requirement. Rubber Band Making Machine Plasticine Machine This Play Dough Making Machine is used for making play dough which is commonly used in school for kids, we have machine could customize different size and color. Plasticine Machine School Stationery Machine Service
Office Stationery Machine Service
Office Stationery Machine Service The stationery making equipment under the office series is mainly used to produce various kinds of products which are used in the office. Such as staple making the machine, paper clip making the machine, C ring making the machine, safety pin making machine, sewing needle making machine, pearl head pin making a machine and so on.
  • Staple Making Machine Staple Making Machine is used for making different size of office and industry staple pin.  Staple Making Machine C Ring Making Machine C Ring Making Machine is used for making a various size of C ring which is commonly used in furniture manufacturing and decorating industry. C Ring Making Machine Clip Making Machine Clip Making Machine is used for making various types of Galvanized, nickel plated and PVC-coated paper clip. Clip Making Machine Pin Making Machine This series of Pin Making Machines are used for making various kinds of a safety pin, sewing needle, paper pin, and Pearl Head Pin. Pin Making Machine Office Stationery Machine Service
CANDID Company Profile
HANGZHOU CANDID I/E CO., LTD,located in Rm703,NO346 Qingtai street is a professional company specialize in stationary machine designing, manufacturing and export. Founded in 2004, our machines have been exported to more than 30 countries. Main market including: Asia, Africa, America, East Europe.

CANDID owns experienced team in design, marketing and after-sale service, could offer you most suitable proposal, high-quality pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale service. To customize safe, economic, efficient and accurate proposal for every client is our target and their satisfaction is our greatest pursuit.
Why are Eraser Manufacturing Machine so Popular?
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Structural Characteristics of Hexagonal Crayon Making Machine
Time: 25 Jul 2019 Click: 228 Structural features of hexagonal crayon making machine:1. Hexagonal crayon making machine generally adopts universal chassis, which is easy to install.2. Use helical gear or hard tooth surface reducer...
Spanish Customers Visit Candid Crayon Making Machine Factory
Time: 18 Jul 2019 Click: 251 Welcome spanish customer visit our crayon making machine factory. After checking his samples, we showed him running machine and discussed details about raw material and process flow carefully. He is s...
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